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Backlit Signs

Original televisions built with cathode ray tubes produced their own light, but as televisions switched over to liquid crystal displays, they needed to find another source of illumination to produce a visible image. The solution was backlighting, illuminating the LCD screen from the side or back of the display panel rather than the front.

Backlights are used in many applications, including on small displays found on music players, book readers and portable gaming systems to increase readability in low-light conditions. Wristwatches also use backlighting, as do computer displays.

Backlighting is typically produced with light emitting diodes (or LEDs) but can also be made using an electroluminescent panel, or cathode fluorescent lamps. However it is created, backlighting makes displays more legible and draws attention to itself in either light or dark environments. But LCD screens are not the only things that can be backlit. You can also backlight your signs for showrooms, offices or retail use.

Much more conspicuous than portable banner stands and able to cover enough space forĀ large format banners, backlit signs are a great way to add ambiance to your store or office, or set you apart from the competition at a trade show. Plus, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Find out more about backlit signs at our website.

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