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History of Printing

large format bannersToday, you can print whatever you want on just about any material you can imagine, from posters and billboards to retractable banners, vehicle wraps and decals, but the use of printing techniques and materials came gradually. The earliest form of printing is known as woodblock printing and dates back to at least the 3rd century C.E. Using this technique, a woodblock is carved to form a relief and then dipped in ink and pressed on paper or cloth to leave a print.

Woodblock printing was the standard method of reproducing images and text until the advent of movable type, beginning in China in the 11th century and eventually popularized by Johannes Gutenberg with his Gutenberg Bible in 1455. Moveable type uses the same basic concept as woodblock printing, casting letterforms in metal to be arranged to form a page, inking the typeset and then pressing it onto paper.

It wasn’t until the late 18th century that lithography allowed an image to be transferred from a stone or metal plate onto a printing surface. Allowing reproductions of images and text to be produced cheaply and efficiently, lithography quickly became the most common form of printing technology. When combined with offset printing in the late 19th century and screen printing a few years later, printing was brought into the modern age, allowing for printed publications, clothing and even our own large format banners.

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