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How To Replicate a Screen-Printed Look Digitally

Last week we discussed photo editing for large format banners and how a well processed, level adjusted and color-corrected photo can draw much more attention and leave a lasting impression over raw, unedited and unfinished photos. If you aren’t using photos as much as you’re relying on type and graphics to convey your message, however, […]

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Photo Editing for Large Format Banners

If you’re trying to get attention on a busy trade show floor with a portable banner stand or simply want to make an attractive sign or poster for your office–showroom or retail environment–you want to display the best possible pictures. That means proper lighting, an attractive subject and a decent camera, sure, but much of […]

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Minimalism and De Stijl

Minimalism in art and design refers to the principal of reducing a subject down to only its necessary elements. It’s a practice that has existed since at least the mid-20th century, but gained popularity and a considerable following in the ’60s and ’70s. It’s even more popular today, as minimalist compositions (sometimes in name only) […]

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Advertise on Bus Shelters

Looking for out of the ordinary places to promote your business? Have you exhausted the usual channels of newspaper spots, park benches and billboards? Need something more than the retractable banner stands at the office? Why not try somewhere guaranteed to get noticed, located in high traffic areas where people naturally congregate? Bus shelters are […]

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Vehicle Wraps and Decals

For the office there are backlit signs; for the store there are posters and floor graphics; for the showroom there are large format banners, and for the tradeshow floor there are retractable banner stands. But how do you get your message out to the rest of the world? How do you get the word out […]

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