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Know Your Type: Helvetica Part I

large format bannersFew typefaces have become as ingrained with our society as Helvetica. If you know what to look for, you’ll see it almost everywhere. The New York Subway System uses Helvetica almost exclusively. Many U.S. street signs are set in Helvetica. So is U.S. currency. If you’re reading this post on an iPhone right now, your user interface is in Helvetica as well.

Corporations tend to be fond of Helvetica’s clean and bold look too. Corporate logos that have been set in Helvetica include American Airlines, American Apparel, Crate & Barrel, Jeep, Target and, ironically, Microsoft, who don’t include Helvetica with their operating system but did use it for their old wordmark. But despite being embraced by governments and corporations both, Helvetica still somehow retains its cool, hip image, even decades later. Ask any random group of graphic designers what their favorite font is and Helvetica will likely lead the pack.

The same characteristics that make it great for logos and signs — its simple, clean aesthetic and bold, powerful forms — also make it perfect for large format banners and retractable banner stands. Helvetica may seem innocuous in its ability to serve any style or type of design, but it’s also a strong, eye-catching type that draws people in, plus it’s easy to read and looks great at just about any size.


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Posted on: Friday, April 12th, 2013 at 2:17 pm

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