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Less Is More on Retractable Banners

retractable bannersAll too often businesses attempt to ram as much information as possible on a retractable banner stand or billboard. While the impulse to provide consumers with as much information as possible is understandable, it can make an advertisement ineffective and convoluted. When designing a large format banner, you should communicate with as little info as possible. The key is to boil a message down to its essence, enticing consumers without overwhelming them.

If you are planning on putting a retractable banner stand outside of a shop or warehouse, you can use that proximity to help you. A high impact phrase like “SALE” or “FRESH FOOD” along with an inviting photo of the items or food you have to sell can go a lot further than specific text defining what you are selling. As soon as consumers make a connection with your banner, their vision will be drawn towards your shop itself. The result should be a quicker bridge to actual sales thanks to a simple, effective message.

When designing your banners, be sure they sell your products without asking a lot of a consumer. The more text, the more chance the customer has to bail in the middle of taking in a message.

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Posted on: Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 at 11:36 am

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