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High Quality Fabric For High Quality Branding

Unsightly branding material can have a deleterious effect on a company’s image in the eye of the public and its customers. That’s why businesses pay maintenance fees and hire cleaning services. A presentable looking establishment helps communicate a sense of dedication and professionalism. Likewise, an unkempt establishment implies lack of ambition and low attention to […]

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Portable Banners for Charity

With hard economic times, many charities are redoubling their effort to secure donations. They are holding events, reaching out to past donors, and spreading the word online. If you are involved with a charity, you should consider getting a banner with that charity’s logo and information. You can take it with you to fundraising events, […]

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Portable Banners for Food Trucks

Food trucks have been taking New York City, and America, by storm. NYC has seen the number of food trucks double in less than five years. There is even a food truck themed TV show on the Food Network, The Great Food Truck. Running a food truck can be a profitable business and using portable […]

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Advertising Sales and Promotions with Banner Stands

Large format banners on a banner stand can be a great way to advertise a sale to your customers, especially if your store is in a highly trafficked area. A big sign gets a lot of attention and that attention can easily translate into a successful sale. Advertising online and through email is important, but […]

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The Benefits of Trade Show Banners

My partner and I knew that if we wanted our company to grow, we really had to get out there and spread the word. So we decided to register for a trade show. Even though it was kind of expensive for the space, we figured it would be well worth it when we made a […]

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Retractable Banner Stands Make Transport Easy

Trade shows can be loud, hot, congested, and confusing, and that is before any customers arrive to the expo! Getting your promotional material to your station can seem like quite the ordeal and you want to make sure you invest in the lightest retractable banner stands available, ideally with a heavily padded transport case included. […]

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3 Tips for Better Banner Stands

You need to reformat your advertising. I’m talking trade show banners, banner stands, double sided and large format banners. If you want to really open up your abilities to get your message out there, all you have to do is invest in a couple of funny large format banners. It helps if they’re creative. Here […]

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Let Your Banner Stands Speak

Banners say a lot. Literally. And figuratively. Obviously your banner stands display a logo and usually an image. It is important to make your tagline creative and individual as well as to make your image big, bright and colorful. You want to attract attention to your banner stand and make it stand out. You can […]

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