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Pull-Up Banners and Other Signage for Seasonal Deals

We have discussed planning for your 2104 advertising campaigns, and part of that is identifying seasonally necessary signage. One sign that might come in handy at this time of the year is a banner offering huge deals on your 2014 overstock. Bargain shoppers love searching for overstock sales, and the last week of December is […]

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Visuals for Your Business: Pull Up Banners

It’s a known fact that humans respond very well to visual stimulation. It’s important, if you’re in business, to have a recognizable image that people will associate with a good experience and your business. Logos, images, colors, even shapes and fonts can be associated with your business. It’s not just important to have these images […]

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Make Presentations Pop

The pitch. It can be really rattling to present a new idea to a company, corporation, or investors. Making them see that your idea is a good one can take a great deal of persuasive skill. To get someone to get behind your idea, especially in an economy like the current one, can be difficult. […]

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Making the Most out of your Trade Show Booth

There’s a lot to gain from going to a trade show. Clients will be swarming around you at all times. You also have some stiff competition, however, as every other both in the auditorium is vying for the same business. That is why you need to use eye catching displays to catch your customer’s attention. […]

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Table Top Displays

A great way to bring a stunning presentation with you wherever you go is a table top display. These portable displays feature 3 large color panels with text that Mega Format will help you design however you see fit. Although a lot of people are using PowerPoint and other programs for their displays, technical problems […]

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Promotion and the Art of the Banner

Large format banners and other retail displays are a great way to get the word out about your product. Most retail establishments are plastered with all sorts of promotional materials. If you make pull up banners or posters and send them to stores that carry your product you will be on the customers mind from […]

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Advertising In The Real World: Large Format Banners

It seems that each week there is a new announcement of expanded advertising options on the internet. Whether it is that they are dedicating more space to advertisement on Twitter or that there is expanded opportunities for SEO based advertisement and marketing, there is always something going on. The new opportunities are helpful to get a leg […]

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Mega Format An Ally To Sales People

It’s really nice to be able to set up a functional display without needing to rent some gas guzzling truck. I love a good billboard and no one can say no to a large display that takes hours to set up, but as a sales person we are trying to cover ground quickly and inexpensively. […]

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Salespeople And Pull Up Banners

Salesmen are a special breed of person. They are able to push through some crushing lows in order to achieve their highest highs. Their profession is built around an ability to take a “no” and turn it in to a “yes.” Or, at the  very least, take a “no” and not allow it to be […]

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