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Attract Customers Deep Into the Night with Backlit Displays

With many outdoor retractable banners, your advertising is only as effective as the sunlight is. Some time around dusk that bold, attention-grabbing advertisement in your shop window or on the sidewalk becomes less effective with each moment of the sun’s descent. By the time nighttime revelers are filling the streets around your business, the sign […]

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Less Is More on Retractable Banners

All too often businesses attempt to ram as much information as possible on a retractable banner stand or billboard. While the impulse to provide consumers with as much information as possible is understandable, it can make an advertisement ineffective and convoluted. When designing a large format banner, you should communicate with as little info as […]

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Know Your Type: Avant Garde

The New York counter-culture magazine Avant Garde only ran from 1968 to 1971, but in its scant 14 issues, it had a profound effect on the world of media and advertising, and most of that influence came from its arresting logo. Designed by Herb Lubalin, the Avant Garde logo was so popular and influential, it […]

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Online Color Palette Generators

One of the most important aspects of printing and design for large format banners is color. Color schemes attract attention, get your message seen and remain memorable as a brand and identity to potential customers and clients. Choosing which colors you will use to represent your company is very important. You want something strong and […]

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Trade Show Promotional Counters

When you’re heading off to a trade show or business expo, you want people to be able to find you. You want your retractable banners and custom banner printing to catch their eye and draw them in. But banners can only do so much. If you want to really wow them why not give the […]

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3 Tips for Better Banner Stands

You need to reformat your advertising. I’m talking trade show banners, banner stands, double sided and large format banners. If you want to really open up your abilities to get your message out there, all you have to do is invest in a couple of funny large format banners. It helps if they’re creative. Here […]

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Which Large Format Banner Stands Do You Like Best?

Bigger is easier to see. In advertising, that means better. No one wants to take the time and effort to squint in order to understand something. Large format banners are all up in your face. You can’t miss them. They’re large and formatted to catch attention. There are different kinds of large format banners. There […]

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Let Your Banner Stands Speak

Banners say a lot. Literally. And figuratively. Obviously your banner stands display a logo and usually an image. It is important to make your tagline creative and individual as well as to make your image big, bright and colorful. You want to attract attention to your banner stand and make it stand out. You can […]

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