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Colors and Your Large Format Banner

poster printing serviceChoosing the right colors for your marketing materials is something that most of the most well branded businesses stick with for their whole lifespan. For some of the biggest brands in the world color choices are handled by highly educated advertising-psychologists who understand how certain colors on a large format banner might stimulate a consumer’s psyche. For businesses looking to employ our poster printing service we thought we might share some of the broader observations that these companies use:

This is a particular rip topic so expect us to explain some other colors in the future. In the meantime check out our website!

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Connect Your Web Ads and In Store Ads

Investing money in advertising on the Internet is something that more businesses than ever are investing in. The reasons are obvious, you can target your specific audience and let them know where they can find you and what exactly you do. As you build buzz this way it is also a good idea to expose your customers to helpful signs throughout your store guiding them to the items they saw advertised on the Web.

If you are investing in designing ads online with a certain look and specific branding you should extend those ads using a poster printing service to recreate them in the real world. By tying your in store ads with the branding that drove Internet users into your store you are reinforcing the motivation that got them there in the first place.

When you have a designer creating banner ads for the Web make sure they give you large files. By using the largest possible files you can then have those Web ads turned into large format banners. By utilizing both online advertising and a large format printing service you will be able to maximize your branding and your customer reach.

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Catching Consumers Eyes with Large Format Banners

Highlighting certain promotions in your store can be difficult to do. No one wants to turn their whole shop around to try and garner attention for a new product but the old layout can sometimes leave customers comfortably in a routine of spending a limited amount of money on every visit. To motivate new purchases and let everyone know what your latest offerings are there needs to be some strategically placed large format banners.

Here are some tips for using poster printing service to attract attention to new things in your store:

Employ our poster printing service to highlight your summer promotions right now!

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Seasonal Businesses Need Seasonal Signage

poster printing servicesWhile it might be cold where you are right now(it sure is here in Brooklyn!) the real spring is really just around the corner and so is summer. That means beautiful weather, warmer clothes, sunbathing, gardening, and so many other things that are close to our businesses. Standing out from the pack as the icy winter thaws is important for a variety of businesses who make the bulk of their profits during these seasons.

If you are among those seasonal businesses now is the time to invest in some high quality attention grabbing signage. Our poster printing services are perfect for making a full color pitch to customers both old and new. Resting on your laurels is just not an option for seasonal businesses from pool cleaners and greens keepers to surfboard stores and ice cream shops. If you simply expect the same returns as precious years without promotion your disappointment will be inevitable.

Our large format banners and individualized signage options are perfect for businesses looking to get the word out about their spring and summer products. Do not let the season drift by without making a concerted effort to get the word out. It is your time to strike while the iron and the weather is hot.

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Proper Picture Sizing for Poster Printing Service

poster printing serviceWhen employing our poster printing service it is important to keep in mind the quality of the work you are sending our way for printing. In many cases the design and formatting of your posters and signage is not something we would ever question. This means that if you send us posters with text that reads a little funny we may just assume it is an aesthetic choice. This is also true of images that are not ideal for the kinds of large banners many businesses order from us.

In order to find the right amount of megapixels a given image should have for large printing you might need to do some math. A megapixel is equal to one million pixels. An image sized at 4608 x 3456 equals 15,925,248 pixels or roughly 16 megapixels. 300 pixels per inch is a solid rule to judge these numbers by. Meaning if your sign is going to use that 16 megapixel image at 4608 x 3456 pixels it should be sized at 15 x 11 inches(the number of pixels divided by 300).

Using that math you can figure out the best images to use for your large banner printing. Then using our easy to use submission process you will be able to send the work off to us assured that it will look professional!

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Is My Latest Product Worth Poster Printing Service?

Is your latest promotion or addition to your inventory “sign worthy”? Probably.

Poster printing service is cheaper than you think and it is the best way to get the customers you already have aware of your newest offerings. The results can turn those items into new staples for your curious consumers with very little effort on the part of your staff. The quickest ways to make people buy is to tell them what they need.

One good method for letting people know about your latest wares is lumping multiple items into one easily read sign. This can be as simple as putting a bold “New!” atop the sign and then listing the items with well taken photographs. These signs can be left hanging for as much as six months, though more regular change ups will be more effective for driving sales.

If you are wondering if your newest products and services merit the investment of poster printing service you might question whether they are worth your time in the first place. Any service that is going to bring in profit should be promoted in a way that informs your entire clientele of its availability. Anything less is leaving potential profits on the table.

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Choosing Fonts for Poster Printing Service

Choosing typefaces and fonts has taken on a strange air over the past few years. As graphic design becomes more user friendly and banner advertising surround us both in the print world and online, as well as in other areas, everyone seems to have opinions about their favorite typeface. For businesses employing poster printing services there is several things that should be considered prior to choosing their signage’s font. Here are a few:

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Some Graphic Design Basics for Large Poster Printing

large format postersDesigning your own posters and signage is not nearly as difficult as some would have you believe. That said, it is definitely understandable that between running a business and living your life you never learned the finer points of photo layouts and font adjustments. This is why there is a distinct benefit to keeping your store’s signage straight forward. With just a little bit of instruction you can layout some direct text, add a visually engaging photo, and send it of to a large format poster printing service.

Here three important things you should definitely pay attention to before you employ a poster printing service:

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Co-Opting Quality Ideas for Poster Printing Service

poster printing serviceIf you are trying to decide on the right look for some signage or advertising materials the important thing is to find work that you will be proud of for a while. There is nothing worse for a business owner investing in signage than having to live with a poster you are unhappy with. When employing a poster printing service you should work hard to do something that looks good and defines your business.

The best way to assure that you will love your banner or sign is to co-opt the best work you see around you while smartly injecting your own business’s brand into the strategy and design. If you saw a recent poster for a blockbuster movie that caught your eye perhaps there is a font or layout you can borrow. If you saw an ad that incorporated their pricing in an informative but unobtrusive way you should go for it.

When employing a large poster printing service you need to have a clear idea of the goal of the items you are having printed. This is how you can get the most value out of your advertising dollar. It is also the best way to have signage that lasts.

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Common Photo Mistakes for Store Signage

A troubling trend in the world of retail signage is low resolution stock images or just images that are wholly inappropriate for the business in question. By simply foraging the Internet for the nearest available image many stores are spending lots of cash on professional poster printing service and getting signs that do them no favors in professionalizing their business. It is a shame because there is an easy solution to this issue.

Rather than using stock images culled from a Google image search you should create your graphics using your own photos. At this point digital cameras offer high resolution photography are fairly inexpensive. Even better many of our smart phones have the ability to take high resolution photographs themselves.

The mistakes being made on these in-store displays and signs can be quite embarrassing. Some of the more common mistakes are with food items. Local delis pay money to have signs printed with photos that are clearly Big Macs instead of their own, likely far more appetizing, burgers and sandwiches. In other cases I have seen people posting digital parodies of corporate logos instead of the actual logos themselves. Even worse many of these images themselves are low resolution giving them a fuzzy or pixelated look when printed largely. Before you employ poster printing service make sure your graphics are up to snuff.

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