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Large Format Posters to Guide Customers

When designing in-store displays and signage it is important to position things to move foot traffic towards products. For larger stores the best bet is detailed large format posters that inform consumers of exactly what they will find in each aisle. All of the biggest stores from Walgreen’s to Walmart do this with some effectiveness.¬†Whether you are selling stationary or shoes keeping people informed and guiding them towards the products they want will ensure that no one rushes out of your store frustrated.

Creating this kind of detailed signage does not necessarily call for expert graphic designers. Instead adorn a simple solid color with your logo and keep the text of what is in a given aisle bold and direct. With the large format printing service offered by Mega Format you can simply upload these very basic graphics and receive posters large enough to direct your customers.

Not only do these informative large format posters make your customers’ lives easier, they also allow employees to get more done. Without having to guide guests through their whole shopping experience customers will feel more in control and employees can focus on customers that might need a little bit of extra assistance.

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Branding Basics for Small Business

More than ever before companies and the consumers who patronize them are keyed into the very important world of branding. Finding the right message for an advertising campaign is no longer the only concern when even a small business begins ordering advertising materials. Now businesses must consider how best to advertise a product, promotion, or service while also asking if the material in question puts forward their brand identity.

For a small business before you start ordering large format banners announcing your business you should do some soul searching. What is your company and what does it hope to be in people’s lives? While branding is hardly an exact science it is important to start out on the right foot. You might need to recalibrate in future campaigns but you want to establish the broad strokes out of the gate.

Whether you are trying to be the friendly neighborhood store or the hippest cutting edge web start up, you need to establish that from the moment a customer sees your backlit display or store signage. The best way to do this is by creating clear goals and establishing an identity that you and everyone else involved can immediately get on the same page with.

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The Power of Call to Action Advertising

Enticing consumers with an image is important. You want to make your product, store, or service enticing and inviting. This is often the only cause for a backlit display or other form of attention grabbing advertising.

The best ads though offer something a little different. With the promise of a “free gift” or some other incentive for coming into a store, logging on to a website, or making a phone call you are increasing your chances of people acting on your ad exponentially. This is called a “Call to Action” and it is one of the best ways to make those precious dollars spent advertising work for you and your business.

By directing customers to actually interact with your business you are deepening the impact of the advertisement. Seeing a retractable banner stand loaded with a beautiful banner is one thing, but once you have gone to a website or done something else that brand has made its way into your mind.

If you are investing in some displays or other advertising materials try putting a call to action. You will be surprised at the long lasting impact it will have on consumer’s familiarity with what you do and what you sell.

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Some Tips On Building Banners and Backlit Displays That Last

For small and mid sized businesses advertising is important but it is also a pricey digression from the day to day monetary needs of a running a company. While investing capital in items that help with branding purposes is a very worthwhile and often necessary expenditure managers should try and make items that are built to last.

To that end we are offering some tips on making your backlit displays and banners last a whole lot longer. These simple tips could leave you with an effective display or large format banner for years.

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Updating Your Logo for 2014?

In 2013 a variety of major corporations altered sometimes iconic logos in the interest of updating their corporate identity. For some of these corporations the changes were very simple. A slight adjustment in font here, a little alteration in an image there. For other companies the changes fundamentally altered what the brand insignia looked like.

For small businesses logo changes are often a pricey consideration. As you alter the look of your logo you might need to order new awnings and signage as well as fundamentally change the look of your advertising materials. Still, a logo update can be great for catching people’s eyes and giving the impression of moving a long established business forward.

One thing that updating your logo will necessitate is designing new advertisements. Whether you have invested in backlit displays or if you merely have some retractable banner stands for trade shows. This is why updating a logo should not be taken lately by businesses who do not have a wealth of disposable income.

There is a good chance that your logo is just fine how it is and that you would be better to simply buy some more stylish advertising materials utilizing the older logo. In either case considering the best way to present your logo is always a smart move.

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Pull-Up Banners and Other Signage for Seasonal Deals

We have discussed planning for your 2104 advertising campaigns, and part of that is identifying seasonally necessary signage. One sign that might come in handy at this time of the year is a banner offering huge deals on your 2014 overstock. Bargain shoppers love searching for overstock sales, and the last week of December is the perfect time to capitalize on these bargain shoppers.

Clearing way for the newest stuff is often a hardship for companies. With some engaging signage like a descriptive backlit sign offering your biggest savings moving those units can be a lot easier. Pull-up banners are a good option for adorning certain aisles of your store with inviting signage promising the best savings of the year!

No matter what kind of deals you plan on putting out there this post-holiday season, having some informative signage can be very helpful. With a retractable banner stand, you can switch up your banners throughout the next year. Each season can bring its own savings and its own products to highlight. These banner stands are perfect for keeping your advertising printing costs consistent and making your store seasonally engaging no matter what season it might be.

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Plan Your Advertisement for 2014

As a small or mid-sized business owner, there is a good chance that you resent taking marching orders from others. It is a resentment worth holding on to. Your independence is the reason you opened your own business in the first place. That said, you should not let your resentment of authority become a commitment to flying by the seat of your pants.

Making a plan is important and when it comes to your annual advertising there should be a specific strategy in place. Room for flexibility is important, but having an idea of the funds you are going to expend in a particular area is vital for small business.

Our staff at Mega Format would love to help you stretch your advertising budget as far as possible. Backlit displays and other advertising products can be designed and purchased in advance of the year, so you can roll out your seasonal offerings in a timely fashion. Retractable banner stands can be purchased for the conferences and trade shows you intend to send sales staff to.

No matter what you do, be sure that you have a plan for rolling out products and services. Also, be sure that your budgets have been meticulously put together. It will make inevitable surprises and readjustments easier to handle.

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Professional Banner and Signage At Low Prices

Banner printing costs have come down significantly in recent years. Many small printing shops have been brought down by the availability of inexpensive printing equipment for home use. Even businesses will often utilize home printers to create signage and other promotional materials.

These cost cutting methods can be helpful, but they end when it comes to large format banners. Anything bigger than a 12″ x 10″ print is going to require some professional printers to ensure quality. At Mega Format, we have gone out of our way to offer the kind of bottom up service those local printing houses once managed, at prices that capitalize on the efficiency and low overheads of Web business. Our staff can format a backlit sign or create the kind of banner that can get some great attention at a local event with lots of foot traffic.

If you are looking to load a retractable banner stand with a banner offering information on your services, we can provide a well made banner and the stand! The options available at our site are just the tip of the iceberg. Special orders and customized banners are a specialty of our business.

When your home printer is just not good enough, get in touch with us!

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Backlit Displays and Signs for 2014′s Holidays

A few weeks ago we discussed the importance of creating holiday-themed backlit displays and other signage. The preparation for holidays is a necessity for retail business. Capitalizing on the seasonal buying habits of consumers is easier than you think, and it is not merely the province of the biggest businesses in the world. With the right message you can make a real impact on your bottom line.

If you ordered a backlit sign or other display, you are probably starting to become aware of the kind of quality return that investment can generate. If you didn’t make that purchase, you might well be kicking yourself in response to a less than optimal sales season. The best thing to do is stop kicking yourself and learn from your mistake.

Right now you can get a jump on preparation for Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and a year’s worth of other holidays, each with its own opportunity for profit. The key is to let the market know that your product is right for a given holiday by addressing consumers directly in seasonally appropriate ways. Invest in a new backlit display for the holiday (or holidays) of your choice!

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The “Foot in the Door Theory” and Your Retractable Banner Stand

Retractable banner stands and a helpful, knowledgeable, and confident sales force can help a small or mid-size business capitalize on what psychologists and advertisers call “the foot in the door theory.” The idea behind this theory is that it will be easier to convince a person to make a larger action if you have already convinced him to agree to a smaller one. By adding a small, cheap action to the advertisement in your retractable banner stand, you can convince a customer to make a purchase.

A great way to see this theory in action is in kiosks that sell massaging devices or hand lotions in your local mall. By convincing a customers to allow them to use some complimentary hand lotion or sitting them down to demonstrate one of those handheld massagers, salespeople have a much better chance of making a sale. The customer is excited to be getting a freebie, and that positive feeling warms them as they enjoy the treat. Soon, they wonder if this product might be what their life needs. Around the holidays, you might also convince them to purchase your product for friends and family.

All you need to do is figure out the way to entice and get the word out with a retractable banner stand!

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